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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 22, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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r responses. we love reading those. >> i remember gym class running the track in junior high. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. good morning, to you, it is wednesday, july 22nd 2015 i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. brand-new details reveal the chattanooga shooter was inspired by videos of the al qaeda mastermind and this morning's the shooter's uncle is behind bars in jordan. donald trump comes out swinging again. >> and then i watch this idiot lindsey graham on television today. he calls me a jackass. he's a jackass. >> then he gave out lindsey graham's phone number on national tv and he did a commercial for "fox & friends." >> so you are saying he didn't turn the other cheek? all right, the avoid is
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insane. you've got a car hacked while you were driving. could this happen to you and how did it happen to you? how did it happen to them? mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ 22nd day of july. live from new york city man, we've got -- most of the people running for president are on this show today live. >> this show is stacked. we've got karly feeiorinafiorina. donald trump, and marco rubio. >> people say when carly fiorina talks, especially unscripted she shines. >> thank you very much for
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joining us as well. we start this hour off with a fox news alert. we are learning the chattanooga shooter idolized the islamic cleric al awlaki. >> and we're joined live from washington with the brand-new details we're hearing. good morning, kristen. >> we now know that the chattanooga shooter was a follower of anwar al awlaki. he was killed in the u.s. drone strike in september 2011. they have found references to that cleric and writings to the chattanooga shooter, mohammed abdulazeez. his uncle has been detained in jordan. he's being questioned as part of an investigation into
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abdulazeez's trip to you don't remember can last year -- jordan last year where he spent several months in the country. >> back home less than a week after the shooting marine corps recruiters are back to work but in an alternate location. they are back in uniform. they were make -- wearing plain clothes, but now they are make -- wearing their uniform. president obama finally ordered american flags to be lowered to half-staff for the tennessee victims. he's received a lot of flack for not doing it sooner but he finally did it. it's just taken five days to do it. back to you. >> thank you very much. the president lowered the flags after donald trump lowered the flags at all of his properties. >> so did congress first. real quick, on the shooter, it turns out the marines did shoot back. it turns out the naval officer
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did shoot back. it looked like they used their own weapons as the investigation proceeds. >> the next question is where did they keep those weapons, remember they were murdered in a parking lot? did they have them in car on or on them? we don't know that right now. >> the recruiting center is open today. heather, good morning to you. >> there is a lot of news developing morning. this is a story that happened last week frightening for pilots and airline passengers pilots who are flying into one of the country's busiest airports nearly blinded by lasers once again. late last night, a united airlines pilot reported being hit with these laser lights right before landing in newark airport in new jersey. last week 12 planes including one military aircraft reported being flashed with lasers. also developing this morning, a terror plot foiled in the u.k. authorities there charging a
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muslim man with plotting to murder american servicemen in the u.k. delivery truck driver junead ahmed khan is accused of targeting military members at ratify lacken heath air face. he plotted to run over servicemen with a vehicle, stab them and blow up a homicide vest. high winds fueling a massive wildfire. this is in montana's glacier national park. smoke is seen pouring into the air as it spreads to more than 1,000 ache ners just five hours. park rangers are working to evacuate camp sites and shut down roads in the area. fire officials warn it could continue to grow and spread throughout the day. look at that right there. check out his royal cuteness prince george turns two years old today.
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kensington palace releases this photo with his proud father. his dad calling him a little monkey because little kids just crawl around everywhere don't they? and those are your headlines. i remember howard cosell used that term under a different situation, remember that? >> flashback. six minutes after the top of the hour. let's talk about john mccain -- no wait a second let us talk about donald trump and john mccain's friend in the senate lindsey graham. he stuck up for john mccain and. >> here's lindsey graham. >> stay in the race don't be a jackass. you don't have to run for president and be the world's biggest jackass.
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>> yesterday, donald trump had his south carolina kick-off rally in south carolina. it is a beautiful place, and donald trump took the occasion to squarely remind folks of what lindsey graham had said about him which he did not like and he even brought up this television show in a way that i think he intended to embarrass the senator with. here's the interchange. >> and then i watch this idiot lindsey graham on television today and he calls me a jackass. he's a jackass. then i said to myself hey, didn't this guy call me four years ago, yes. he called me three, four years ago, lindsey graham i didn't even know who he was. he goes mr. trump, this is senator lindsey graham i wonder if it would be possible for you to call fox because, you know until i ran i had that little thing -- just for fun, "fox & friends" are so great, brian and steve and elisabeth,
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they are great people right? [ applause ] >> they are great. and he wanted to know whether or not i could give him a good reference on "fox & friends." he wanted to know would i do that and of course being he wanted to know if he can see me for some campaign contributions. he gave me his number and i found the card. i wrote the number down. i don't know if it's the right number, let's try it, 202 -- >> it was the right number. >> thanks for the commercial there. it was nice when he mentioned "fox & friends" and it's great people applauded. according to the newspaper down in south carolina mr. graham did get $2600 contribution. >> he gave our show a promo and manage to put out lindsey graham's phone number. i wonder how many called him? >> he tweeted later i need a new phone. >> one thing is clear.
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one thing is donald trump has made an impact on the election not just that but when it comes to immigration, in the middle of that debate came the tragedy of the shooting of kate steinle who lost her life simply because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and she was shot by someone who had no business being here. yesterday was the time for the family members to go tell their side of the story to congress. >> it is going to take another life lost by senators congressmen, the president, even another of today's heroes someone from hollywood before someone in a position to move on this. i urge you, you are in a position to do something about this for americans. >> our family realizes the complexity of immigration laws. however, we feel strongly laws should be discussed, enacted or
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changed. >> we figure if kate's law saves one daughter one son, a mother a father, kate's death won't be in vein. >> you hear from the families there, that was laura wilkerson mom of josh wilkerson who was killed in a most brutal and horrific way by an illegal immigrant. and jim steinle, ainsley had an incredibly moving sit down with kate's family. kate was 32 years old when she was shot on that pier. by passing kate's law which would take the worst of the worse illegal i am grnts what -- immigrants who come in here as criminals, deport them if they come back after committing crimes put them in jail for a minimum number of years. there's one senator who says kate's law would lead to too many prosecutions.
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watch. >> the suggestion that we make a mandatory minimum five year sentence for people who have been deported and come back across the border with no criminal -- no criminal history and no other history government's point of view that seems to me to be an invitation for a lot of prosecutions. >> he's so right. let's just keep things the way they are. because it's working so great, isn't it? there's going to be -- the house is going to vote this week to stop giving police grants to cities that don't cooperate with the feds regarding sanctuary cities and cut off reimbursements for the costs of jaling illegals. you saw one democrat maybe not. where do the republican candidates stand on kate's law? as you can see right there, those behind it bush trump, perry, jindal pataki graham cruz carson rubio, walker and
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fiorina. >> it's now on question that many of those running for president are going to be asked. >> put it to the forefront is bill o'reilly. it takes somebody in the media to take action where congress hasn't. keep in mind too, people around just coming across the border it's for those who commit felonies. >> it's for the people who have already been deported. they are deported because they did something wrong and if they come back come on. >> how do you sit there with the families of those who just testified after the most brutal slawr of a -- slaughter of a son and killing of a daughter on a pier do you not have a heart? it would be just too much work to prosecute those criminals who continue to come time and time again crossing the border? i don't see how he see how sits
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there and says that. >> we want the laws on the books enforced. videos a jeep is hacked while somebody is driving and apparently somebody with a laptop sitting on a couch miles away is doing that. the brakes disabled and you know what it could happen to you. >> how creepy. then our service men and women cannot protect themselves at military recruiting stations so fellow americans are doing it for them. meet one of those americans next. ♪ ♪ when the moment's spontaneous, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe
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mom, brian threw a ball in the house! this is my home recruiting station right here. back in 1998 i enlisted for the navy right here and i had to come out and protect my home. >> i can't believe you call your congressmen and senators they need to change these laws on the books so these guys can protect themselves so a citizen doesn't have to go out and do them. >> we're going to be out here to protect them every time we can. >> in the wake of the tennessee shooting armed americans stepping up to guard recruiting centers around the nation where guns are banned inside by those serving our country in the armed
3:18 am
forces. many are promising to say until these men and women with allowed to protect themselves the way we train them to. one soldier in south carolina got it it started. this incident prompted you to do what kevin? >> to do something, to act, to go out and protect our brothers in arms and i don't think i started the whole thing. i actually saw a video of somebody in texas doing it and that gave me the idea to do it here. >> how did you go about getting through so that people knew you weren't some whack job looking to cause havoc? how did you go about to do this in a way that the military would respect and the law enforcement would allow? >> when i was on my way out monday i called monroe police department to let them know that i was going to be doing this and when i pulled up in front of the recruiting center i called the person in charge and asked them if they would come out and talk to me and pretty much told them i would be standing post if they didn't have any objections.
3:19 am
yeah you don't want to surprise anybody by walking across the parking lot with an air 15 without giving them some heads-up first. >> right. and their response? >> grateful. they are basically sitting ducks if somebody decides to attack them. they don't have the ability to defend themselves so veterans like myself all across the country are coming forward to defend them. >> it's unbelievable you know this happened in arkansas at a recruiting station. isis talks about looking to do this. the whole world knows they look for soft targets, not anyone who confront them. these men and women who already served are protecting others. are you surprised that others are doing what you are doing across the country? >> no a lot of people are just looking for a chance to make a difference and you know i have people on our facebook page all the time that a little bit further away that can't come here and i said just go out and start it in your community, just
3:20 am
one person can make a difference. >> right, and how is everybody else? if people don't have a gun and can't stand watch, are they helping you out and letting you know they appreciate it? >> yeah. we get citizens are coming all over giving us food drinks water, thanking us little cards, and just driving by waving bringing their kids asking for autographs. it's really cool to see everybody coming up and support what we're doing. >> kevin, would it be great for the president to make an announcement to say we're going to change the status starting today? do you expect it? >> i do. i expect that congress immediately get on this and put it to their armed forces can be armed and not only defend themselves but defend us if the time comes. >> wow. it's just beginning, sadly. kevin collins, thanks so much for your service and for joining us this morning. >> thank you, brian. >> coming up straight ahead. imagine looking out your window and seeing this. that's a lion running through a
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it's 24 minutes past the top of the hour. we now have some wild animal headlines for you. a lion on the loose in a neighborhood. residents of milwaukee are on high alert after a woman captured video of what appears to be a big cat stalking through the streets. police have gotten multiple reports of a lion roaming around town. now you have to worry about
3:25 am
gators wildlife officials say it's not uncommon to see them on the beach but warned you might not want to approach them and a meal is just unbearable in florida, a man snapping pictures of a bear in a food coma. the animal stole a 20-pound dog food bag and passed out. in a gravy train coma. life is short, have an affair is the catch phrase for the website ashley madison, a dating cheater website that helps people cheat. this week that site was hit by hackers threatening to expose the secrets of its users and their names, but did you know there's another dating site out there where the slogan is love is precious stay faithful? here to help us understand that keep the faith, julie who is the
3:26 am
co-founder of fidelity dating. what do you think about the fact that ashley madison got hacked? >> i think it's terrible but it's legal and i think hacking is illegal and i think there's better ways to go about exposing people and helping them change their lives. >> they have got 15 million members apparently who put their credit card information in there and a lot of them are married and now, you know i can hardly wait for that phone call to come. >> yes. it's not the biggest problem is that, it's the secrets they are keeping from their spouses. >> absolutely. you have started this website, fidelity i want to take you back to 2006 and you were involved with a guy for a number of years. >> uh-huh. >> you are at his laptop. you open up a document and what do you discover? >> a marriage license. >> whose? >> his. >> that's a problem when you are dating somebody? >> yes. >> and so to deal with that and
3:27 am
just to deal with your anger and everything else that goes along with that you started this website, and it's all about fidelity. explain -- on the one side you got the cheater website, ashley madison and then you got your fidelity dating website. explain the difference. >> we're about helping people who have been cheated on or betrayed and are looking for faithful relationships. we're here to help people who have been victimized by ashley madison and people who have been in relationships where people have cheated on them and betrayed them and they want to get in a faithful relationship and stay with them and trust again. >> isn't that what? you want loyalty and faithfulness faithfulness? >> absolutely. >> is that why right at the beginning of your website, you ask people who are going to join and by the way, i just looked on the website, people who want to join you get a free membership. you've got to take a loyalty pledge though don't you? >> correct. we only want people who are single and not in relationships.
3:28 am
we formed the website because we believe people who have been through this can connect with other people and understand and form better relationships. >> and what's the reception been like? >> fabulous. every time we've been on the media, it's just exploded. people are excited. >> there are a lot of people looking for somebody loyal in their lives and this could be the thing that helps them. fidelity julie surry, thank you very much. it's not secret that the irs targeted conservatives but according to the president, you are not going to believe what he told a guy on late night television. it's a great way to beat the hit but pools can be dangerous. tips that could save your child's life. and happy birthday to the guy who listens to this music every day. he's 75.
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legal help is here. donald trump is still in the headlines today. this is unbelievable. it's a gift that keeps on giving. in a televised speech today, he responded to grissom by -- criticism by lindsey graham by giving out graham's phone number. graham new something was up when he saw he had more than one missed call. he was like what five missed calls, my birthday on something? >> can you imagine that? he may need a new phone number. in other nuds news this morning, this is the one most of you are going to be able to identify with.
3:33 am
how would you feel if you are driving your car later today and somebody take over it. hackers have a new target your personal video. >> look at this video. hackers can take control of videos disabling brakes engines and much more from miles away just using an internet connection. >> fox business cheryl can you tell us more about this? >> good morning. the question of driverless car safety front and center now after two security experts demonstrated they could take control of a car but they could crash it. >> hold on tight. hold on. he's not getting out of that. >> we're going to be -- >> okay so in an article published in "wired", two men took control of a jeep cherokee from their living room. all of this worked. they took control of the car's
3:34 am
brains through its info-tainment system. they killed the transmission and the brakes. the reporter was unharmed during the test but he ended up stranded in that ditch as you saw in that video. we've seen hacks on retail and financial companies guy but it's way different than having a consumer's life in danger when their car is hacked into. obviously, everyone is going to be listening very carefully to how they did this and what it means. >> that's coming up in a week. we're going to find out. we have to go another week telling hackers how to do it. >> how scary and dangerous. thank you for that. >> this is one of things people have said the smart are your car becomes, the more vulnerable it is how many people in detroit, the big companies and auto makers around the world are listening. i think they are listening now because you can actually see it happened and that's why they
3:35 am
aligned with "wired" magazine. >> heather, we want you on your bike. >> i'm going to go back to my custom cruiser. we start right now with a fox news alert. we are getting some pictures of some massive flames and reports of cars exploding at a new jersey warehouse. you are looking at live pictures out of north brunswick, new jersey. you can see the flames as they eat through the roof of an auto repair center right there. firs have been work for this for hours to try to get this under control, that thing is massive. no injuries have been reported thankfully at this time. a nearby apartment complex has been evacuated. and drunk on job, an air traffic controller stopping responding to pilots because he was drunk. employees found they found him passed out and shirtless. i guess he didn't have this hawaiian shirt on at the time.
3:36 am
when police arrived, he was swaying back and forth. he has since resigned. we're showing how the riots formed in baltimore on the day of freddie gray's funeral. you can see it. the officers frantic radio calls were also released. you can hear their frustration as the rioters take control of that city. listen. >> shotgun, beanbags. we are under significant assault. >> city leaders have denied giving police orders to stand down. and do you remember when the irs targeted the tea party groups? the president doesn't remember that. last night, he told jon stew war that the scandal isn't real. >> the real scandal around the irs is that it has been so poorly funded they can't go after these -- they cannot go after these folks who are deliberately avoiding tax
3:37 am
payments. >> hmm. what do you think of that? he blamed congress for passing a crummy law providing vague guidance to the irs. let's head outside to elisabeth and brian. >> this is an important segment. few summer activities are more fun for kids than hitting up their favorite waterpark or pool but the statistics are sobering. >> drowning is the leading cause of injuries related deaths among kids 1 to 4 with over 800 children losing their lives each year. >> it's hard to read. how do you prevent your child from pking a statistic? here with tips is jim spears the president of safer water safety foundation. when you hear those numbers, it is almost terrifying. something should be fun. what do we need to know? how long did is it take for a child to drown?
3:38 am
>> two minutes. very rapidly. the time it takes to go inside and listening to a phone call or looking at your ipad, your child can be under water. >> you got to assign somebody to look at the pool. great job putting up our pool today. and it's really cold isn't it? we use that same dunk tank water. >> in your scpeshs -- experience why do these drownings happen? when did you start teaching your kids to get to the side of the pool? >> you start with your children as early as possible. we start them as early as six months just to get them acclimated and moving to the water and comfortable in the water, when they get to an age when they are moving in the water, they are comfortable and happy. >> demimoore, she was out, her assistant was not, somebody drowns in the pool. these are adults. >> the drowning rate is higher
3:39 am
than teenagers than it is like in middle age children it's young children and teenagers who ooubl have the problems in the waters. >> teaching could make them safer in the water. what's your name? >> glenda. >> how cold is this water? >> cold. >> is it so fun? >> yeah. >> you know how to swim? >> yes. >> if anything happens, will you let us know? >> yes. >> make sure you are safe this summer. we're getting some lessons this morning. we come back with you ladies and men in a while. we're thankful to be doing this on our plaza and keep kids safe this are customer. steve what's going on in there. up next on the rundown, she was murdered by an illegal alien who was deported five times. so did the president called kate steinle's family? >> kate's story and kate's death
3:40 am
wasn't something that was in his agenda. >> the must-see interview with ainsley straight ahead. then it's the heart-stopping video we first brought you yesterday, a woman frankicly trying to save a child's life breaking a car window with a tire iron. that woman from kansas city joining us coming up. ♪ ♪ sometimes the present looked bright. sometimes romantic. there were tears in my eyes. and tears in my eyes. and so many little things that we learned were really the biggest things. through it all, we saved and had a retirement plan. and someone who listened and helped us along the way. because we always knew that someday the future would be the present. every someday needs a plan.
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ticket when you spend $10.
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you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. an emotional day on capitol hill as family members of victims killed by illegal immigrants testified before members of the senate judiciary committee. >> one of those was gym steinle father of 32-year-old kate steinle who was shot and killed on a san francisco pier earlier this month. >> a shot rang out. kate fell and looked to me and
3:44 am
said "help me dad." those are the last words i'll hear from my daughter. >> after that testimony, our own ainsley earhardt sat down with the family after the hearing. she joins us live. >> good morning steve, elisabeth and brian. i had the pleasure to sit down with this wonderful family. i traveled to washington to speak to her parents and her brother and his wife. despite this terrible tragedy, they feel hopeful after that hearing. >> i think we're all optimistic that something is going to happen at least on the undocumented that come in here with a felony or an arrest record. >> that's kate's law, automatically throwing illegals behind bars for five years. if they were charged with an aggravated felony which is rape murder selling drugs, then they are deported and they try to reenter our country,
3:45 am
mandatory, no wiggle room at allment is this adequate? >> it's a start. i'm sure it has to be so surreal because 20 days you had your daughter and now you are sitting in front of a committee in washington trying to introduce a law to prevent this from happening to other families. >> we just want something good to come of this. we want to be prideful for kate and strong for kate because that's what she would want and we're strong for her, we're strong for the rest of humanity that this won't happen to another person. >> the numbers are staggering. 121 deaths over the last five years, people like your daughter killed by illegals that have been deported and come back and have not been stopped. it's one every 12th day. families going through what you are going through. brad who do you blame for this? do you blame the administration? the sheriffs department do you blame i.c.e.? >> if i was to point out one person that's to blame, i would point out the sheriff.
3:46 am
my sister's blood is on his hands, and his failure to do his job correctly is a direct rault of her murder. the policy that currently exists in san francisco rolls out the red carpet for felons and criminals. it makes the city a breeding ground for crime. >> the homeland security secretary jay johnson testified before the committee. >> as the administration reached out to the steinle family to your knowledge? >> to who? what was your reaction when you heard that? >> that was shocking because as everyone knows this has been covered and the fact that they don't know what is going on or who she is is a little concerning. >> and then he asks? >> has the administration reached out to that family? >> i'm sorry, i don't know the answer to that question. >> had the administration reached out to your family as of last tuesday? >> never.
3:47 am
>> have they since last tuesday? >> never. >> the president of the united states has not called your family? >> he has not. >> what's your reaction to that? knowing how involved he's been in some other cases? >> you know we don't expect a call from him. we don't want a call. if he wanted to call he would have called right when it happened. >> this is a letter that the president sent to 46 felons in prison telling them that he's pardoning them sending felons letters in prison 46 of them but not picking up the phone to call you. >> his priorities are a little skewed. >> he has an agenda and he's sticking to it. >> which iswhat? >> i don't know if -- i don't know exactly what it is but same as the sheriff, you turn a borderline eye when -- blind eye when it's needed for your personal gain or your agenda. so you know kate's story and
3:48 am
kate's death wasn't something that was within his agenda. >> what was your reaction to donald trump's comments now that you've been through what you've been through? >> well, he's rocking the boat. he just wants to feather the bed and get things going, and he's doing that. it's kind of the perfect storm because he was looking very bad for what he had said too big of a blanket policy. we've got so many illegals here that are hard working, that are paying taxes, that are paying into social security. that's not what this is about. this is about violent felons. >> later in the show we do have the next part of their interview. they talk about their faith, whether or not they are going to be able to forgive kate's killer and they have some good news some new life that they are going to experience in december. >> do we have any explanation? what's the crazy explanation
3:49 am
from the illegal immigrant? have we got the true story what this guy was doing? >> he said he had the gun in his t-shirt and accidentally shot three times. if you look at his rap sheet, the list is lengthy. >> he's deported five times. he should not have been here that day. >> they have lost their daughter and because someone made a mistake and let this guy out and did not deport him and now for the rest of their lives, they have to be faced with holidays birthdays, she will never be married, never have grandkids all because of someone's senseless acts. >> and sheriff and lawmakers turning a blind eye to it. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, he was an american hero his medal was stripped away because he killed a member of the taliban. a bomb maker.
3:50 am
we showed this heart-stopping video yesterday. woman desperately trying to save a child from a sweltering car. that hero joining us next. ♪ for fastidious librarian emily skinner, each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way emily went right on living.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
our next guest is hailed a hero after taking a tire iron to a stranger's car on a sweltering hot day to free a child in danger. sarah leapt into action and frantically worked to break the
3:54 am
window and free a 2-year-old on a hot, hot day in kansas where temperatures reached a blistering 98 degrees with heat index 101. she joins us from kansas city. sarah, to anyone watching that video and hearing what happened you're a hero. describe to us when your associate went outside, super hot that day. she came back in to where you work and said there's a baby in a car. what did you do next? >> um hello, thank you so much. when she informed me a baby was? the car, it didn't click right away. i was like what? she was like there's a baby this the car, windows rold ss rolled up, doors locked. i didn't even think. i ran out the door. i ran up to the car and looked in the window and there was the baby in the back seat. >> what did you seat? here you are as a mom.
3:55 am
how terrified for you for this child? >> extremely terrified. i looked in the window. she was beat red and drenched in swed. her -- in sweat. her hair was soaking wet. i acted. i grabbed the first thing i saw. an aluminum chair. >> what was your worst fear at the time? did you believe you didn't get the baby out the worst would happen? >> yes, ma'am. yes, ma'am. the window would only crack, it would not break. i kept telling myself this baby is going to die if you don't get her out. you've got to get her out. that's all you see is children dying in cars. it was terrifying. >> how long can did it i take you? is how did you eventually break through the window? >> probably took two minutes
3:56 am
total for everything. eventually a woman named diana came with a truck hitch. she said i have this. i have this. i said hit the window. she smacks the window and and it shatters completely. >> you got the child out, brought him in. has it hit you yet you saved a life? >> no. it hits me like every time i talk about it. i start crying. it's still -- i just felt like i was just doing the right thing. i don't know -- it still hasn't fully hit me yet. >> i know you don't want to be called a hero. you jumped in and did the right thing. police ended up ticketing that couple for child endangment. it's going to the district attorney right now. without your actions what would have happened to this baby?
3:57 am
>> i don't know. it all just -- it all just happened obviously for a reason and i don't know. i'm just thankful, so thankful that porschia saw her. if she didn't who knows. >> you're a hero. we commend you for that. carly fiorina is next.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
good morning to you. it is wednesday, july 22, 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. brand new details reveal the chattanooga shooter was inspired by terrorism. >> i wonder when the investigation is going to move forward? donald trump comes out swinging again. i watch this idiot lindsey graham on television today. he calls me a jackass. >> has he finally gone too far or hitting it out of the park? we're going to ask carly fiorina
4:01 am
when she joins us live in a matter of moments. >> donald will be with us in an hour. sleep one second and dancing the next. ♪ >> uptown funk is going to get you. the video that brings a smile to your face all day long. you're watching "fox & friends." ♪ most people running for president are going to be on the program today. coming up shortly, carly fiorina is in the swing. she'll be with us 90 seconds. marco rubio joins us 7:30 eastern. and then donald trump. all live here on "fox &
4:02 am
friends." >> three of the 16 running. i believe governor kasich got in yesterday and closed the door. >> for the sweet 16. mark your bracket. a politically packed couple of hours coming your way. >> did you say sweet 16? not from what i saw. sweet and sour. carly fiorina on the couch in 90 seconds. for now we turn to heather for a fox news alert. >> yes. coming out of new jersey see the massive planes and cars exploding at the new jersey warehouse. looking live at pictures from north brunswick, new jersey. flames tear through the roof of the toyota center. firefighters have been working for hours to get the flames under control no. injuries reported reported thankfully. a nearby apartment complex has been evacuated. that's coming in from our
4:03 am
affiliate in new york city. a terror plot foiled. a muslim man is plotted to murder servicemen in the uk. delivery truck driver accused of targeting military members at the largest american military insulation in uk. he plotted to run over service members, stab them and blow up a homicide vest. another fox news alert from home. pilots flying one of the country's biggest airports nearly blinded by lasers again. last night a pilot reported being blinded with the lights before flying into the airport in new jersey. we told you 12 airplanes and one military aircraft reported being flashed with lasers when flying into the airport.
4:04 am
and another story to bring you. why sleep when you can dance? with all the serious news going on we had to bring you something so cute this. baby is sleep in his car seat until someone turns on the "uptown funk" song. after a few seconds he nods back off. sweet. >> how sweet. >> back the to dream land. so cute. thank you for that. the last time carly fiorina was here you had the launch of the big book that came out. you signed it to my daughters. i appreciate that. you've been on this for a couple months. how do you feel? >> i feel really good. voters are actually tired of the professional political class. 80% of american people are tired of the professional political class. they're tired of words, gestures speeches and not a lot getting done.
4:05 am
>> one person who struck a cord with american voters is donald trump. whether you love or hate what he says people are paying attention. what's your feeling on him? he's gone from talking about immigration, getting people rustled on that, throwing a dagger to senator mccain, going back on it a little bit. now he's sinking into lindsey graham. >> then i watch this idiot lindsey graham on television today. he calls me a jackass. i said to myself hey t didn't guy call me four years ago? yes. he called three four years ago. lindsey graham i didn't know who he was. he said mr. trump, this is senator graham. i wonder if it would be possible for you to call fox. friends" are so great. brian, steve, elisabeth, great people. right?
4:06 am
they're great. he wanted to know whether or not i could give him a good reference on "fox & friends." he wanted to know would i do that. he wanted to know if he could come see me for campaign contributions. he gave me his number. i found the card. i wrote the number down. i don't know if it's the right number. let's try it. 202 -- >> turns out it was the right number. he was right. this is a great program. >> i think donald trump taps into this frustration i feel that ben carson feels. those of us out siders know that voters are sick of sanitized sound bites, formulated speeches a lot of talk and no action. on the other hand i guess i would say to donald trump, in the end, it is hillary clinton we have to beat. maybe i'd be nice to take a shot at her occasionally as i have been doing for months. i also say look these are pivotal, perilous times for our
4:07 am
nation. think about the headlines you just read. i think people have a deep sense of disquiet and anxiety about where we are as a nation and where we're going and what we need to do. truth is it will take real leadership which is why i'm running. >> you're trying to fine out what works. i don't care if you love donald trump or dislike him, you know when he's doing in the poll. what do you take from what he's doing? >> all along i've been speaking plainly. voters come up all the time saying thank you for answering my questions. thank you for talking common sense. thank you for putting solutions out there. i do think that's what people need. in tend this is not can -- politics is not a game and not entertainment. it's deadly serious. unless we solve some of these festering problems exhibit
4:08 am
leadership to hal the status quo in washington d.c. and exhibit leadership around the world, these times will continue to be perilous. >> what about hillary clinton's silence on planned parent hood. it's disgusting. the discussion of sell of body parts of babies in the wound. it's repulsive. >> i know menty that tyhat are horrified by this. hillary clinton has lobbied for this. using that technology to harvest body parts of something you tell a woman as she lays on the table is not a life. hillary clinton has been dead silent because the platform of her party is it's not a life until it leaves the hospital.
4:09 am
apparently it's alive enough to harvest body parts. >> supporters of planned parenthood say hey, they need federal funding because they're the largest provider in america for women's health. they're also the largest provider of abortions in this country. then you find out what they're doing and how they're harvesting body parts. it's like what? >> first of all, they shouldn't be federally funded. second i hope the senate passes unborn child protection act. third, if democrats are so fixated on providing taxpayer funding for abortion clinics, why don't they at least level the playing field and provide equal amount of funding for pregnancy centers, right next door so women have choices and set of options. >> a navy seal great guy, war fighter. he was asked look at candidates
4:10 am
and tell us who stands out. we had no idea what he was going to say. here's what he said. >> she's a proven leader. i think she certainly has. as she's someone i'd certainly be happy to get behind i think my former colleagues serving would do the same. i think she's someone that would scare adversaries. they know she's not going to back down. folks like vladimir putin and iran would be shaking in boots if fiorina was commander in chief. >> he likes you best of the republicans running for commander in chief. >> well i'm deeply grateful for lee for making that endorsement. it is true i know more world leaders on the stage todayning except maybe hillary clinton. i didn't do photo ops. i think understanding the world and who's in it is part of
4:11 am
leadership in perilous times. >> understanding how the world economy works especially as things are changing. especially the industry you did. griffin led the surge is, in the initial invasion. he knew the war he left what would happen, and where isis came from. here's what he said. >> frustrateing to watch it. i go back to work in 07 08 09 '10. we got in a place that was good. violence was low, economy was agreeing. politics looked to be heading in the right direction. if we had sayed more edstayed more engaged -- i have aulsz thought thelways thought the united states played honest broker.
4:12 am
>> the real story is what we did after we won the war. the president's actions lost us the war. >> that's right. by the way, remember it was secretary of state hillary clinton who declared victory in iraq and said this is now a sovereign free nation able to defend itself. she was dead wrong like she was dead wrong in calling al saturday aassad a reformer. she was wrong vladimir putin could be desueded by a reset button. these are perilous times. i know our arab allies and virtually all of them know for example isis is their fight. they've asked for specific support. jordan bombs and material egypt, let's share intelligence lead a coalition. kurds, police arm us. all these things are asked for. we are not providing them. >> no no no, is the answer
4:13 am
zblcht. >> that is correct. >> thanks for your time today. he was an american hero awarded silver star. his medal was stripped away. the story is outrageous. who needs gym class is this now kids can take it online. i'm sure they're going to do it. >> i'm in gym right now mom. keep the door closed. ♪ when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at! only nexium 24hr gives you nexium level protection for frequent heartburn all day and all night. try nexium 24hr, the #1 prescribed acid-blocking brand, and get all day, all night protection.
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4:17 am
he was an american hero awarded silver star. this medal was stripped away. the so called crime, taking out a known afghanistan bomb maker and member of taliban. major matthew goldstein has not given up the fight. the attorney representing matthew joining us. bill joining us from denver. good morning to you. >> good morning steve. >> so it was discovered during -- matthew, the major, was up for job interview at cia. he told the story about seeing
4:18 am
this bomb maker in the open sas space. tell the story how he took him out. >> sure. real quick. there was a fierce battle in february 2010. during that battle a afghan was detained and brought back to the combat outpost. he was identified by a tribal leader as a taliban bomb maker. matt was in a position he wasn't able to detain the individual any longer, so he was released. he could have went anywhere in afghanistan after he left the outpost. shortly after that matt and one of the other members of his special forces team sat out to effect ambush if this individual was going to resume bomb making capabilities and was a threat to u.s. forces in the area they were going to engage him.
4:19 am
that's what he they did. >> he took him out. during the cia interview t the guy doing the interview goes i've got no problem with that. fast forward. he's awarded silver star. then the secretary of the army who's apparently never served in the military took eightit away? >> she was awarded the silver star, also approved by the secretary of army to sign off on a distinguished service cross, second highest award of valor. based on the investigation conducted into matt's actions, that award was taken and the silver star revoked. >> what's the guy's problem with matt having the silver star? >> it's hard to tell. >> he took out one of the worst bomb makers over there. seems he was doing his job. >> that's right. the actions matt was award, the
4:20 am
valor award, had nothing to do with actions of taking out bomb maker. they're separate incidents. had nothing to do with one another. completely independent. >> briefly, 20 seconds what would matt like? >> well we're hoping for a con current process of medical retirement going through. we hope the army does the right thing and reinstates his award. not only the silver star but distinguished service cross. they have the opportunity to do the right thing. hope they do. >> absolutely. with you 100%. sir, thank you for telling his story. >> thanks for having me. >> you bet. >> what do you think about that? e-mail us. coming up a list of the best hospitals in the country d. yours make the cut? we'll tell you. want to live in your dream house?
4:21 am
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4:25 am
nor would he shake my hand. less than six seconds. that's how long it took australia's boy to solve a rubik's cube. he beat me by years. >> there's still time. ss ss renovate a home each week. >> eight homes in eight weeks. give them to eight deserving families. >> the twist is this every couple walks away with a home. how fun is that? that series premieres tonight on fox 9:00 p.m. eastern time. we can't wait to see it.
4:26 am
we hear one of the first couples eliminated. how amazing is this show? >> amazing. >> everyone knows what's going on now. you were working on this house together having no idea knowing it was about to be your home. how did you feel when they told you it was yours? >> i fell out literally. everyone there deserves a house. we didn't know we were going to be the ones living there. >> you actually did fall. >> it was amazing. >> you bring out the best and worst in each other when competing against other couples. have you done this before? >> you get even more attached because it's a stressful situation. it's hard work. for us it was like we have to be okay. we have to make it. >> there's pride working on something that's yours. when you realized this home was yours, what did you mean to you?
4:27 am
why is it important to your story? >> i feel for us -- we're teachers. we're not ever going to be rich. it was an unattainable dream. we always wanted to have a beautiful home and have children but it felt out of reach. this is opening up an opportunity to be able to have a family. it's amazing someone would think to do this for us. >> incredible. i'm sure as teachers you're about to teach the world. people will see lessons of love and a home you're happy with. that's 9:00 p.m. eastern time. see them at work in a place they now call home. thanks for being with us today. >> thank you so much. >> happy for you. up next the president goes on late night tv again. this time making light of the nuclear deal with iran. is that a laughing matter? and how this photo saved the
4:28 am
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4:31 am
>> is that real? >> this is your shot of the morning. it is. two puppy pals saved in the nick of time. it's thanks to this heartwarming photo. take a look closely at that hug. >> the animal pet rescue posted this. if no one saves us, someone will take us away. she won't come back and i'll try. >> two hours and six minutes later, the pups were adopted. now they've got a beautiful home. >> and free health care
4:32 am
everyone's goal. >> i'm so glad the puppies express themselves. love that. we'll have marco rubio on the couch in 90 seconds. first we turn to heather. >> colorado executed one man since 1867. the appeals process could take decades. he could end up dying on death row. the sentencing phase of the trial starts today. that's when the jury will decide if he gets life in prison or death penalty. turns out there was something hiding under the bed. a home intruder hid under the bed three days. jason was found hiding under a bed in a spare room in new
4:33 am
jersey sneaking in the house and walking through the open door. as the homeowner was taking out the garbage. while hiding the man charged his cell phone. three days later the homeowner heard a noise and found this guy hiding there. how terrifying. some students in north carolina have to open their laptops for gym class. the state's virtual public school is piloting a brand new education course online this fall. students watch demonstrations and then track their skills and progress. those are headlines. see you back here in 30 minutes. >> thank you very much. from gym class to take on your smart phone to presidential politics. marco rubio joins us live. you said you wished you would have been here monday. we were doing knocker ball. >> it was fun to watch.
4:34 am
my kids want to know where to buy those. >> we're trying to widle down the field. >> were you not aware this is a knocker ball debate? >> this is an unusual year. wouldn't surprise me. >> the president of the united states was on last night for a full hour over on "the daily show." the deal near and dear to your heart, the lousy deal with iran. the president says we got a good deal. listen to this. >> when you hear critics talk about this is a bad deal could have gotten a better deal. you ask them what represents a better deal? what is it you think could happen? typically they're vague and fall back on well if you beat your chest a little more in 2011. >> if you had just done it in 2011 -- >> or if you brought dig cheney to negotiations the -- >> let's not get crazy.
4:35 am
>> that's flat out untrue. number two, it shows little class. what does dick cheney have to do with anything? this is a serious issue. iran will become a nuclear weapons power legally in 10 to 15 years who obtains nuclear capability. we are now turning over $100 billion of relief and sanctions. where is that money going to be used? not to build hospitals but to give more money to build missiles. there's nothing funny to that. >> he's guaranteeing war. what's happening now, there's to way a nation like israel who feels very existence by iran because iran says so, is going to sit by and allow these guys to build a weapon to knock hem out. same with saudis egyptians,
4:36 am
turks. you're going to increase the essence of war. we're obligated to protect iran. we could go on all morning. >> how do you explain crocker and burns endorsing this deal? >> i don't know. i haven't asked them. the bottom tom line i know what could have been possible. the reason iran is on the table, their economy was on the verge of collapse. >> crippled by sanctions. >> sanctions that today exist in congress were sanctions this president was against. he didn't want the additional sanctions. it's very simple. he wanted this deal worse than iran can did. at the last minute they were able to get outrageous concessions including that concession i talked about earlier that says this. iran we have to help iran protect itself against sabotage.
4:37 am
we have to help them defend themselves against israel egypt, saudis own allies. >> the president took another opportunity on the daily show to put forth the notion the irs didn't target conservatives. he defended the irs. watch this. >> turns out congress passed a crummy law that didn't give people guidance in term temperaturesthe temperaturesthes of what they're trying to do. >> you really only have a year left. >> the real scandal around the irs is it haubhas been so poorly funded they cannot go after folks who are deliberate rily avoiding tax payments. >> he blames you in essence. >> what he's saying is blatantly
4:38 am
false. if that's the case be more forth coming on internal information that exist, about how the irs tried to coordinate with the justice department something discovered in a public release of information about two weeks ago. how there was in fact meetings and koord thagscoordination. be transparent. >> the person destroyed the tapes. >> absolutely. if this was conspiracy and something made up be more open and explain to us why lerner refused to testify on the grounds she might incriminate herself. on what if there's no conspiracy? >> it's all about legacy billing now. you would like to be president of the united states. so would donald trump. he made comments about immigration immigration. now seems everyone is talking about immigration. first of all, yesterday we heard the donald who's going to join
4:39 am
us in 20 minutes. lindsey graham was in his cross hairs. are you worried he may make you his next target? >> he might. he's said things about me before. this is a legitimate issue. it's a big problem for the country. you have people committing crimes. they're deported allow them back in and cities refuse to report them. legitimate issue. we have a porous border, not meaning just mexico but 40% illegally are overstaying visas. we're accept issing people on basis of who they know. they have a relative living here. >> you and donald trump are on the same page on this? >> here's what's important to me. the president of the united states is not just top government official. it's the leader of our people our nation. it's important we have -- to conduct presidency it has to be done many a dignified way. >> do you believe donald trump -- >> i don't believe his behavior last few weeks is dignified or
4:40 am
worthy of office he seeks. we have a president now that has no class. a president now that does selfie stick video, invites youtube stars, people that cereal out of a bathtub the. he goes on comedy shows to talk about iran. the list goes on. it's important to have a presidency that restores dignity and class to the white house. i don't believe the language mr. trump is employsinging is worthy. >> we can legitimately talk about issues he raises whether va -- i've actually done something about that. whether immigration which is a serious issue i'll kobts tocontinue to work to solve. there's a way to do it -- >> there's a poll that talks about you going head to head
4:41 am
with hillary clinton and others. overwhelm overwhelmingly doing well. no one is talking about you against hillary clinton, dump against hillary clinton. it's all donald trump and the other 15. >> this is the nature of these races. >> no it isn't. >> it's nature in the sense there's a story of week month whatever. it cycles through. this election will be about the important things. people come back from vacation kids go back to school. voters focus on elections. >> right now they're focussing on donald trump. should he remain in the status moving forward to 2016? is that good or bad for republican party? >> it's a free country. anyone can run for president. someone famous has resources, access to these and others, has the right to run. voters decide this.
4:42 am
they're going to caucus in states. voters decide this. >> are you prepared for debates? >> sure. i've been involved in debates on ongoing basis for years. we have to get ready for tough interview panel fox is out. we just started working on it. i feel comfortable. we have a talented field of people running. i think we'll be a stronger party after this process. in the meantime a lot to cover. >> it doesn't work. those are three tough interviewers. >> great to see you. >> travel safely. coming up, we change gears. ever feel like pancakes for din
4:43 am
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4:46 am
welcome back. we have quick headlines for you now. need another reason to grab a cup of coffee? a study says it could reduce risk of diabetes by 50%. coffee can lower inflammation in your body. that's good news. pancakes for dinner? mcdonald's thinking of serving breakfast all day long. it could be rolled out as early as this october. good news for pancake lovers. >> delicious. hackers have a new target. it is your car. >> check out this video.
4:47 am
hackers can take corral ofcontrol p take control of certain vehicles and put you in the ditch. >> driveless car safety is questioned after two experts demonstrated they could not only take control of a car but also crash it. >> hold on tight. >> he's not getting out of that. >> we're going to be doing some -- >> an article published, researchers took control of this jeep cherokee are from inside a living room while the reporter waited inside the car. they used the info entertainment system. they blasted the radio killed the transmission. the reporter was unharmed but ended up stranded in the ditch. the main reason t flaw in the
4:48 am
wireless season u connect. chrysler responded saying it released a new software update to eliminate the loophole. you can take your car to local dealership and they'll do it for free. this affects late 2013 all of 2014 and some of 2015 that have you connect in the full naf navigation displays. >> we'll straighten this thing out. those guys are always looking for -- >> they're very expensive like a dollar a minute. >> i always feel bad when i'm walking and see guys with empty carriages. >> so you hop in? >> no. i just said i feel for them. coming up advertisers use it all the time. >> nothing between me and my
4:49 am
100% all natural, juicy, grass fed beef. >> as i've been telling them for years, sex doesn't sell. dr. keith is here to explain. if it's possible. first, on this day in 1994, all for one had the number one song "i swear." they are jogging in the beginning, go through a puddle, and then they sing. ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
♪ whoa what are you doing? putting on a movie. i'm trying to watch the game here. look i need this right now ok? come on i don't want to watch that. too bad this is happening. fine, what if i just put up the x1 sports app right here. ah jeez it's so close. he just loves her so much. do it. come on. do it. come on! yes! awww, yes! that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ we've all heard the expression sex sells. >> things aren't working out. that's not completely true. i am working out. it's not someone else.
4:53 am
it's something else. ♪ >> right. who's buying that stuff now? a new study says sexy ads don't work. research show viewers forget the product behind the ad. i've always said that. joining us with the details is dr. keith. you focus on the ad talk about the ad but not the product. >> exactly. this is interesting because researchers found out when they look at someone for data they found out the assumptions of advertising industry seem to be wrong. it isn't the sexier something is the more product associated with it sells. you can get distracted by the context. >> do you think there should be a logic to it? for example, you don't want a hamburger in bed. i don't care what celebrity or model has it.
4:54 am
>> exactly. people are story driven. we care who we are, we want content to make sense. nobody has a hamburger in bed, right? >> no one has a diet coke while a shirtless man goes away on a horse. maybe 1810 not 2015. >> exactly. you have to be worried if i had advised coke on that -- there are men watching too. they don't want to think of embracing this male sexual stereo type. >> right. outside steve doocy. >> that's a body double of steve standing in. the head was placed on steve's torso. >> he doesn't ride horses. sex and violence doe ads don't sell.
4:55 am
>> if you stray too far from reality, you lose people. truth is drinking diet coke doesn't make you sexy. great product but -- >> we almost mefrnever remember the product. >> the loudest sound in the rolls royce is the electric clock. >> that speaks to luxury what they're delivering. wouldn't make sense to show a beautiful woman in the seat next to you. >> you want to know why i don't lit senator. >> the indian cried. up until then i was throwing everything out the window. that's how effective it was. >> that's associating a real feeling with a real behavior. if they had said don't litter because you're not going to get the most beautiful girl in the
4:56 am
world. it wouldn't have worked. >> two avenues over, i hope they have that. >> i'm going to be there with a sign. you just helped them. great to see you. >> all right brother. four minutes before the top of the hour. i can do the math in my head sometimes. donald trump on deck. megan mccain is here talk about her new job working with us. john mccain will be on the docket. you don't want to myiss this epic show down. we'll have them all separately.
4:57 am
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to connect you to the people and places that matter.
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watch as these magnificent creatures take flight, soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have an unreliable cell phone network and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that. so they came back home. because they get $300 from switching back to verizon. and so can you! verizon, come home to a better network. good morning to you. it is wednesday, july 22 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. trump blasting lindsey graham calling him an idiot. >> i watch this lindsey graham
5:00 am
on television today. he calls me a jackass. trump is live with us in moments. caught in the middle of the political fire storm, senator john mccain was a couple days ago. his daughter meagan here to react to donald trump. she's now a fox news contributor. she joins us shortly. and marco rubio calling out the president saying he has no class. >> we have a president now that does selfie stick video invites youtube stars there, people that eat cereal out of the bathtub. >> more from the gop hopeful who was just here. i'm going to remind you in case we have a quiz later, mornings are better with friends. and welcome board folks. live from studio e as in election as in we've got one in
5:01 am
a year and some months. it's "fox & friends" this morning if you missed it. we've had pretty much everybody running for president. >> it's a politically packed show. my kids say that's packed mom. donald trump with us here. good morning to you mr. trump. >> good morning. >> you haven't spared any words or lang aj when it comes to hot button issues. we're going to play this. >> lindsey graham says he's a jackass. i said to myself hey, didn't this guy call me four years ago? yes. he called me three to four years ago. lindsey graham i didn't know who he was. he goes mr. trump, this is senator lindsey graham. i wonder if it would be possible for you to call fox. until i ran, i had the little
5:02 am
thing -- just for fun. "fox & friends" are great. brian, steve, elisabeth. they're great people. he wanted to know whether or not i could give him a good reference on "fox & friends." he wanted to know would i do that. he wanted to know if he could come see me more campaign contributions. he gave me his number. i found the card. i wrote the number down. i don't know if it's the right number. let's try it. 202 -- >> it was the right number. >> do you regret giving his phone number out sm. >> -- number out? >> not at all. the guy has going going. i don't think he's popular in his own state. you heard the applause i was getting. i did it for fun. everybody had a good time. we had a beyond pack aed house.
5:03 am
the place was amazing south carolina. amazing. i don't regret it at all. he calls me names. you have to fight back. i want to be nice. i'm a nice person. everybody is calling me names. i guess since i went to number one in the poll, they're having a field day on me. >> maybe. it started with john mccain last week referring to big crowd out in phoenix. yesterday you've got lindsey graham who you said said inappropriate word about you. drurch donald trump is like a navy seal never backs down in a bite. >> our country should be that way. we have so many things going wrong. look at what china is doing to us mexico is doing to us. mexico i respect their officials. they're smarter than our negotiators. they're killing us on trade.
5:04 am
japan, saudi arabia. you say who are the people leading our country? people are incompetent. look at iran deal which is a disaster. we don't get our prisoners back. we give them a scientist but don't get our prisoners back. they said it was too complicated to ask. >> the president asked for them yesterday. you wrote t art of the deal. do you ask for something after the deal is closed? >> no. it shouldn't be asked before they started. first point in the negotiations should have been fellas you don't want them or need hem. give us our prisoners back. if you had the right messager like if i did it or picked somebody that did it -- not someone that goes in a bicycle race and breaks a leg at 73 years old. we would have gotten those
5:05 am
prisoners back a long time ago. >> there were two people on our program today not joking about you. rubio and carly fiorina. both have eyes on 2016 with comments about you. >> i feel ben carson feels, outsiders know voters are sick of sanitized sound bites, formulated speeches and a lot of talk and to no action. on the other hand i guess i say to donald trump, in the tend it's hillary clinton that we have to beat. maybe it would be nice to take a shot at her occasionally as i have been doing for months. >> dignified or worthy of the office he seeks. we have a president now that has no class. i don't believe the language mr. trump is employing is worthy of the office. i just do not. >> i think they're both nice people. i really don't know them. they're fighting hard trying hard.
5:06 am
we'll see how they do. honestly i think they're nice people. carly is right. we have to attack hillary. she was the worst secretary of state in the history of the country. she's got plenty to lose by. i'll beat hillary if chosen. i have thousands of hispanics employed. they love me. marco rubio is doing his thing. >> you appear to be doing your thing and doing it well. a poll came out and i think two third of it -- you are the nation's number one republican now. you're doubling walker and bush. it goes on. morning consult came out with a poll last night to figure out whether or not damage was done after the comments regarding mr. mccain. you're still leading in iowa
5:07 am
substantially 22 to bush's 15 and walker's 12%. >> well you though as far as comments are concerned as you know cheryl came out with a report saying i said nothing wrong. i did say nothing wrong. nobody will do for the vets what i will do for vets. i will take better care of vets than thib. i know how to do it and how to manage. no politician can take care of vets. the veteran's administration is a disgrace. illegal immigration, which i brought up is a total disgrace. i watch the people on your show. they're great people. those people have to be helped. what happened to their families is absolutely horrible. by people that came in the country illegally. has to stop. >> when you say helping va system are you going to do there what you did -- privatize the whole thing?
5:08 am
how are you going to fix hit when no one has been able to for decades? >> they build hospitals five six, seven times more than they should. i'll build hospitals officially beautiful. they build a hospital they can't use because it doesn't work. it will be run so well so efficiently. i know the best managers in the country. they don't have good managers. it's totally corrupt. what's going on there -- >>stop the corruption. >> 100%. >> you brought unthe imp the immigration topic. people go i can't believe he brought that up. then what happened to kate steinle out in san francisco. we had parents that lost children to illegals and they were saluting you yesterday on capitol hill. listen to this trump. >> he's rocking the
5:09 am
he wants to feather the bad and get things going. he's doing. that. >> thank you to mr. trump for getting a message out about the nation in two minutes that for four and a half years probably maria espinosa at the remembrance project and countless families like my own have been trying to say five to six years. it feels good to be heard. whether you love him or don't, i felt heard. >> the fellow that killed kate steinle in particular should have been desportported five times and had not. there's a new law if you get deported you have to stay away five years. >> these are unbelievable people. i've got around them. bill o'reilly is believe it or not, a great guy. >> a lot of people don't know
5:10 am
that about bill. >> he had 600 hour, signatures on the petition moving forward. let me ask you this not as a presidential candidate but a person. we have megan mccain coming up on the show many minutes. we're going to ask her things. some things may have been about you. she said what you said about her father is one of the worst things she's heard in 30 years of life. her brother returning home from afghanistan, this is the worst. what's your message to megan and her brother that served this nation? >> well i think when people looked at my statement they said it was right. it was messed up by the press as usual, the media. most importantly, her father is a great guy and great man. i supported him for president. i think she's going to do a good job on fox. she's got the television personality that's very
5:11 am
important. i think she'll be successleful. >> you think he's a good person. as a person you think he's a good guy? >> i do. >> lastly you're going to the border. why is that? i've been invited by border patrols. they want to honor me. thousands of them. these are tremendous tough people. they want to do the job. they're not allowed to do their job by the president essentially. they're not allowed. they want to honor me. i'm going soon could be tomorrow. i'll be flying in. may never see you again, but we're going to do it. >> you're doing something nobody thought possible. winning by double digits in a field of 16 without notes and advisors. to stay up there, would you --
5:12 am
this is plan a. is there something you're going to use to change to build it as you get closer to debate and actual caucuses? >> i have to be myself. look i've built a great company, great empire phenomenal success. saw the filings last week. what i've done is successful. "the apprentice" became one of the most success pfl shows on television. i gave up a lot of money. the fact is we have to make our country great again. i don't want to read teleprompter teleprompters. teleprompters. that would be much easier. you don't learn about a person. i watch ur president constantly reading teleprompters. look what we got. a president that doesn't know what he's doing. i can't change every time i change something to hire a poster. bush it took him five days to tell whether or not iraq was a
5:13 am
good thing. he polled the answer. i don't want to do. that that's not real. >> who is real quickly before we go? real out of 16 we're looking at. who could be a good partner for you? >> trump is real. >> there you go. donald trump in the rally yesterday in south carolina said "fox & friends" was a great show and got applause for it. thanks for joining us today. >> we appreciate the plug. got a couple things out of it. he said senator john mccain is a great man. we'll bring that to megan is set to preview that. and next looking outside to see a this. is that a lion walking will through the suburbs? sure looks like it. ffrz
5:14 am
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brilliantly practical scientist harriet tuttle's search for a more efficient life concluded with an unorthodox solution. harriet created four more harriets. together, they were a model of efficiency. however, while identical, they had their own interests, and their own retirement plans. each customized with a raymond james financial advisor, allowing them to enjoy life. separately. and together. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. . he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured okay. i hate to tell you. he was a war hero because he was captured okay. i believe perhaps he's a war hero.
5:18 am
right now he said bad things about a lot of people. >> talking about john mccain. donald trump is not backing down from his war of words for senator john mccain saying he has not did done enough for veterans or immigration. he's defending those remarks. here to react, brand new fox news contributor, megan mccain. welcome to the family. >> thank you so much. couldn't be more excited. >> you were probably sitting in the seat when we asked donald trump if he had a message for you. this is what he said. >> when people looked at my statement, they said it was right. it was messed up by the press, media. most importantly, father is a great guy, great man. i supported him for president. i i think she'll do a good job on fox. i've seen her over the years. i think she's got the television personality that will be important. i think she'll be very
5:19 am
successful. >> he says your dad is a great guy. >> you know this really isn't about my dpaurfather's personality. it's about donald trump of fending veterans and pows. if he would apologize and say you know what maybe i was disrespectful to pows who spent time serving our country, i think it would be fine. there was an article in new york times of many veterans saying they're offended. >> how do you explain the fact on the snap polls, they don't seem to have budged? >> i'm surprised at polls. we're over 400 days out until the 2016 election cycle. this is all name id now have. donald trump hosted a popular television show. most americans don't know carly fiorina and marco rubio. you just had rubio on a few
5:20 am
moments ago. you're having a fox debate coming up in a few weeks. the statements he's saying about donald trump being classless will resinate with people. we have to focus on failures of obama administration and failures of hillary clinton and move on from there. this is about winning the white house. this isn't whoes most popular or who gets the most buzz in the press right now. >> meagan stay there. we want to talk to you more. she works for us now. >> we're going to talk to you little bit more. we'll talk about your love for country music and miles an hour about your brother who's just came back from tour in afghanistan. we'll talk about that all coming up. she was murdered by an illegal murderer deport five sometimes. ainsley earhardt asked kate steinle's family one important question. >> have the administration reached out to your family? >> never. >> the must see interview ahead.
5:21 am
the story behind this video. open the door. ♪
5:22 am
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5:24 am
24 minutes after the hour. we're back with a fox news alert. happening now. reports of cars exploding in a massive fire at a warehouse in new jersey. see flames eating through the roof of a toyota warehouse. hundreds of firefighters hundreds of them have been working for hours and hours to try to get flames under control. that warehouse we're told is the size of 50 football fields. unbelievable. also new overnight. a key terror leader plotting
5:25 am
attacks against and europe has been killed by an american drone strike in syria. he was thought to be once a close associate of osama bin laden and knew about the 39/11 attacks before they occurred. -- the 9/11 attacks before they occurred. well they were country music's power couple. ♪ >> blake shelton and miranda lambert calling it quits filing for divorce. the news left fans shocked including our guest, a personal one here with us now, megan mccain. a big country music fan. i didn't know you were affected by this. >> i thought they were johnny and june of our generation.
5:26 am
i'm so sad they're broken up. they were the country golden couple. >> it's too much pressure. the whole world looking at you money cascading in. everyone says how great you are. how do you make a relationship work through that? >> i don't know. they must be incredible difficult having a successful career. being really icons of country music. i'm a huge fan of miranda lambert. she follows me on twitter. the day she followed me i almost had a car accident. i got the alert on my phone. >> i'm a huge pan and will continue to be of hers and his. >> i'm sure you're excited, your brother back from afghanistan after three tours. he's coming to see you this weekend. that's an important homecoming isn't it? >> my brother and i are incredible close. my experience is no different
5:27 am
than any other american family that has a family member or spouse overseas. he's coming to visit me. he's coming to hang out, drink whisky. >> you're going to have whisky. what kind does he like? >> jack daniels. >> we're happy he's home. your family is modest about service. you mentioned too -- it came to forefront in discussion because of comments donald trump made. for him to come home to this is especially hard for him to hear. >> it's not just -- i have another brother jack in the navy. i'm the daughter and great granddaughter of four star admiral. i'm sister-in-law of someone in the air force.
5:28 am
i'm surrounded by military men and women. even the slightest knock against anyone that puts on a uniform and defends our country is not something i'm going to stand for. >> tell him this weekend we appreciate his service. >> all you megan. >> he's going to have a shot of jack daniels for "fox & friends." >> thank you megan. >> good to get to know her a little more. a whole page of jack daniels batter -- >> does jack daniels ss ss sell it? >> if you go to the page they have a whole page dedicated to
5:29 am
it. >> prove it. 28 minutes past the top of the hour on this wednesday. coming up she was murdered by an illegal deported five times. ainsley earhardt asked one important question. >> has the administration reached out to your family since the accident? >> never. the video is insane. a car taken over, hacked while driving. could this happen to you? ♪ ♪ [music] ♪ defiance is in our bones. new citracal
5:30 am
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5:32 am
another emotional day for a family put through so much. yesterday kate steinle's father
5:33 am
testified on the hill about what it was like to lose his only daughter. >> kate's whole family was there. ainsley earhardt was on capitol hill as well. >> steve, i got a chance to sit down with jim and liz, her brother brad and wife amy. we spoke about faith, forgiveness, and hope for the future. >> i was listening to sanchez talk about how he found this gun wrapped in a t-shirt. he accidentally shot three times. then you look at his rap sheet. what's your message for him today? what was your reaction to what he said? >> we have no reaction to him whatsoever. what's kept us strong -- our faith is strong. there's no room in our hearts for a thought of that person. we've moved on past that and now it's all about kate and maybe saving other lives. >> you say faith is strong. do you forgive him? >> no. i don't know at this point in time if it's that strong.
5:34 am
as of yet -- faith is a work in progress. and no not going to forgive him as of yet. no. >> i think the forgiveness has to come from god. i don't think it's from us. he's a pathetic human being. >> i see you holding hands. have you had to stick together as a family and stay close? >> it's what gets us through. if we didn't have that we wouldn't have anything. >> is there any hope that comes from this? >> there's a lot of hope. that's why we're here. we don't want people to think we're here to grab headlines. we want to keep her picture alive. >> i look at her picture and think what a great person she is. she should deserve to have kids walk down the aisle. it was all taken away because of what this man did.
5:35 am
how do you get through that as parents? >> well we were blessed to have her 32 years. could not have had her at all. >> how as a mom do you grasp the mom you won't have some of those experiences? >> i don't think i've totally grasped it. i've always said the worst thing in the world has got to be losing a child. >> brad, you're getting emotional as well. what's going through your mind? >> just going to miss her. >> you were very close? >> she's my best friend. >> how many years separated you two? >> 17 months. >> gosh. >> they were irish twins. >> you have exciting news many the midst of all of this heart ache and tragedy. >> we're five months pregnant. we're going to have a baby girl. >> what was your sister's reaction when you told her you were having a baby? >> she was so excited. she was so excited she was finally going to be an aunt.
5:36 am
it's going to be one of the hardest parts we have to deal with having a baby and not having aunt kate around. >> amy, have you thought about names for the baby yet? >> we have. we thought about kate for a little bit. we're probably going to use it as a middle name. we're thinking reese katherine. reese is a family name. >> on a bill aiming to put an end to sanctuary city this is week. >> talking to a family that gets emotional, it's hard for you not to. >> it's hard talking about someone. i'm expecting a baby. you think about the plans for yourchild, your hopes and dreams. are you trying to make me emotional again? >> no no. >> you don't plan to bury you're child. she said my daughter always looked at me and said what
5:37 am
going to do without you? what am i going to do without you when you pass away? she said here i am without my daughter. let's turn now to heather with other news. >> brand new surveillance video shows riots formed in baltimore, maryland on the day of freddie gray's funeral. you can see the crowd as they destroy police cars set fires and loot a cvs drugstore. the officer's frantic radio calls were released. in the calls, you can hear the frustration as rioters take control of that city. listen. >> i need shotguns. we're under significant assault. >> under significant assault, those police officers say. city leaders deny giving police orders to stand down. who says crime doesn't pay?
5:38 am
get this. a brand new report says that teenage inmates at new york notorious prison are getting paid $25 a week for good behavior. the corrections department is hoping that will reduce violence. others say it's a complete waste of taxpayer money. what do you think of that? talk about going head first. this guy got so frustrated with a bus fare he head buts the door and shatters the glass. he gamebecame upset when the driver told him he needed to pay a 2 dollars fare to get back on the bus. oh my. is that a lion on the loose? a woman captured video of what appears to be a big cat walking through the neighborhood. little blurry there. zoo officials say all their
5:39 am
lions are accounted for in this area. that's adding to the mystery. police have multiple reports of a lion roaming around town and call those sightings credible. those are headlines. >> or could be big foot. >> i'm thinking lion. >> i get it. i don't see how a lion hides in a suburban neighborhood. >> maybe someone owns an exotic pet. >> do you think a lion could be happy in someone's house? >> remember elsa lived a great life. >> elsa was released back in the wild. >> that could be elsa. >> i lost track of her in the 70s. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. they can't arm themselves at recruiting offices. now military members are told to take off their yuan pormuniforms.
5:40 am
peter is going to join us next. we show you swimming safety for your kids. what about your pets? what about what every pet owner needs to know that also has kids. we have a pool and we're bragging.
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(buzz!) (buzz!) if you're the guy from the operation game, you get operated on. it's what you do. (buzz!) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. you now. the video is insane. hackers taking control of vehicles through the internet. >> hold on. he's not getting out of that. >> researchers hacked into jeep cherokees with laptops from mile as way. they were able to disable the brakes engines, locks on the car chrysler has patched the
5:44 am
loophole. talk to your dealer to get the patch. last night a pilot reported being hit with a laser light before landing. at least 12 reported being flashed with lasers last week. police say an air traffic controller stopped respondering to -- stopped responding to pilots because he was passed out drunk in the control tower. he has sense resigned for being drunk on duty. >> closure there. thanks. new fallout over the chattanooga terror attacks. first military personnel were told to take off uniforms. >> all the time, they're refused weapons to protect themselves.
5:45 am
it raises the question, are soldiers safe area overseas than here in the united states? >> fox's legal analyst peter johnson jr. what's around you? these guys are just exposed? >> i'm at one of the hundreds of recruiting stations around the world. two police officers behind me are guarding this station. this was an attack of 2008 a bomb attack. no injuries but they never pound out who actually did it. the question comes in america and across the world, why are we engaging in see no evil hear no evil policy is. we now know there's a military group to stand up and say we stand with you. marines are told to take uniform
5:46 am
off, pull the bliennds, hide out. yesterday flags brought to half mast. the world knows terrorism and what the path was of this assassin in chattanooga. neither the justice department defense department white house will admit it. the question becomes, how do we protect people in recruiting stations? >> absolutely peter. where you are now in the 40s between broadway and seventh avenue there, they can't pull the blinds. they can't pull the blinds peter. they're sitting ducks. >> reporter: they are sitting ducks. what strikes me coming here this morning, there are thousands of people here around us.
5:47 am
we spend $1.5 billion in america every year to protect dictators and fascists that come here to the united states to visit. in san francisco, and in new york city and other sanctuary cities and counties, we protect felon illegal aliens and allow them to commit the most heinous crimes. at the same time we cannot protect thousands of men and women that stand in mall stand in time square sit behind blinds not in uniform. they say where's their protection? why aren't we standing up for them? i wanted to come to time square and say loud and clear, let's stand up for men and women in yuan fornl and prouniform and protect them. i say mr. president, do it today. save our americans. >> amen to that.
5:48 am
cross roads of the world. >> thank you brothers and sisters. >> indeed. coming up, did you know not all dogs can swim? safety experts for your pet this summer. >> i don't know if bill is a good swimmer. >> the dog would beat me. good morning guys. new polling numbers not good for hillary clinton how she fairs against leading republicans and what voters say in key battleground states. mike huckabee wants to be president. he's here today. there's new developments on the murders in cloonhattanooga and what's happening with the suspect's family overseas. we'll have that at the tonight of the hour.
5:49 am
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all right. it's swimming season. you don't have to be a hup man being like us enjoy a cool dip in the pool. before you let your dog dive in it's important you have precautions to keep in mind to make sure they can swim. >> that's right. shelter director from north shore animal league america. thanks for being here. not all dogs can swim. how do do we keep them safe in the water? >> right. there's a lot of tools and toys. charlotte is showing you dogs have life vests like we do in the water. like kids have swimmies. >> the first time you're not sure if your dog can swim. >> exactly. start off slowly with a baby pool let the dog get use to that. use positive reinforcement. >> everyone thinks dogs can swim naturally because they call it dog paddle.
5:53 am
no they can't. how do you know if your dog can do it without trying it? >> you want to make sure you start off slow. make sure you use the life jacket first. >> how about this. do dogs know if they can swim? >> i don't know about that. when they get in there, they find out. >> there are things you can do to keep them safe f.. if a dog is in a pool make sure they can get out. they get tired. >> yes. there's ramps for dogs. number one tip for anybody like with a small child or family member never leave a dog unsupervisorun unsupervised in a pool. >> that's what happened to our dog. >> it's hard to get them out. >> we have associates here in the pool with them. make sure you're in the pool and
5:54 am
make them comfortable. >> where do you get the cool dog vest? >> any i dog pet store. >> really? >> yes. >> dogs are thirsty and start drinking. >> make sure you're supervising them. make sure you have fresh water for them. >> a lot of people see these dogs having the time of their life and want to adopt them. is that b possible?possible? >> absolutely. go to our website, >> who is that? the water? >> molly polly. >> and who's that? >> charlotte. she loves swimming obviously and her toy. >> tell us about the dog you're holding here. >> she's adorable. she's a jack russell mix.
5:55 am
she's chilling out hire. >> why aren't you putting her in the water? >> she's a baby right now. she's only eight weeks old. we're going to give her time before we put her in the water. >> if would like to adopt from north shore american league? >> they're up for adoption. >> let's thank the people that put the dog up. >> we want to thank you for visiting. >> this is a spectacular cannonball. want to jump up and do it? >> do we have time? >> we have plenty of time. >> i'm going to read this. coming up sleep one second and dancing the next. ♪ >> the video that will bring a smile to your face all day long. >> i'm smiling now. ♪
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come home to verizon and get $300. verizon. come home to a better network. have you ever eaten so much you've fallen in a food coma? a man snapped a picture of the bear in a food coma. it ate dog food and passed out after chowing down. and prince george turns 2 years old today. there with his proud father prince william. >> why sleep when you can dance? ♪
6:00 am
>> that baby was fast sleep in his car seat until someone turned on the music. he was dancing to "uptown funk" as we all wood. bill: there is trouble brewing for hillary clinton. a new poll shows the democratic front runner would lose or tie against three leading in the republican hopefuls in three key battleground states. more on these numbers. i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. we are look at a quinnipiac poll and it shows clinton's favorability rating in iowa, virginia and colorado. colorado shy is


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